Rob Hunter lives in New Jersey with his beautiful wife and three wonderful children. Terrified of a fourth pregnancy, his wife "closed up shop" until further notice. Admittedly nervous about getting "snipped", Rob embarked on a personal find out as much information about the vasectomy procedure as possible.

Along the way Rob discovered something truly frightening and of epidemic proportions with married couples......most men are absolutely, overwhelmingly, one-hundred-percent, clueless and misinformed about what a vasectomy does and does not do, and many women are tired of having pregnancy scares, and relying on and suffering side effects from antiquated and modern birth control methods.

Since the internet contained a glut of scattered information on vasectomies and there was nothing he could find in print that addressed the procedure from a typical married "guy next door" point of view, Rob decided to do the logical thing.....get snipped, float vasectomy surveys out online, interview MD's, PhD's, and noted sex therapists, find men and women to tell him their successful "Snip Stories", hire a graphic arts firm in Indonesia, write nightly till 1:00am for five months, edit, write, and re-write some more, get his Urologist Dr. Eric Seaman to write the foreword, find an amazing publisher who believes in his book, team up with a great website design company, get endorsements from noted experts and other authors, use his kid's crayons and construction paper to crudely design his book cover and logo, and finally...put the whole thing together as the first ever ULTIMATE VASECTOMY GUIDE FOR COUPLES!

Though he is not an MD who performs vasectomies, he is an expert in the psychology of what races through the minds of men in regard to this elective procedure for he has been there, and it is not not a fun place.

As AMERICA'S VASECTOMY COACH, Rob finds himself with a lot more energy, focus, creativity, and ambition. Rob hopes his book enlightens, educates, and entertains you enough to put aside your irrational vasectomy fears and join the revolution to finally GET SNIPPED!

 Rob Hunter is available for seminars, private coaching, and speaking engagements.