"I think your book is terrific! It clears up the nonsense and misconceptions about vasectomies. You will get credible answers to your questions and find answers to questions you haven't even considered in Rob Hunter's excellent, engaging, and very readable book...Real Men Get Snipped!"

- Joel Block, PhD. Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Einstein College of Medicine


"Real men DO get snipped and Rob Hunter IS a real man! Read this book with your partner and when you finally stop laughing, go get that vasectomy and start enjoying life (and sex!) more!"

  - Veronica Monet, ACS Certified Sexologist and Relationship Expert, author of Sex Secrets of Escorts - Tips from a Pro


"Real Men Get Snipped is a comprehensive resource and go-to guide for men and their partners who are considering a vasectomy. This book is informative and fun to read! If you or your partner are considering a vasectomy I recommend you read this book!"

- Lori Buckley PsyD. CST/Private Practice


"Real Men Get Snipped touches on something I see over and over again in my practice...a lack of education that equals a lack of sex in couples with children. Hunter's book gives couples the facts about vasectomy that everyone should know!"

- Jaiya, Sexual Wellness Expert and co-author of Red Hot Touch: A Head-to-Toe Handbook for Mind Blowing Orgasms


"Your book deserves praise and is of the highest merit! The need to ensure men procreate responsibly is far more civilized than leaving events to the chaos of selfishness, thoughtlessness, and theological roulette."

- Phillip Hodson, Sex Therapist - Fellow of the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy